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Welcome to CollectionsWeb, the website of the Research Coordination Network (RCN) for Building a National Community of Natural History Collections. At CollectionsWeb you can find out general information about the RCN and find out how you can get involved in the activities of the RCN. Please refer back to for up-to-date information and resources.

CollectionsWebs Announces Availability of Two Collections-Based Research Internships for 2011. Interns can be housed at any U.S. institution and supervised by any appropriate mentor. More internship details and application information.

CollectionsWeb/SPNHC Intern Anna Vollmar Publishes Results of RCN Funded Survey: in 2009, CollectionsWeb partnered with the Society for the Preservation of Natural History to fund an intern, Anna Vollmar, to conduct a survey on the challenges that collections face when digitizing natural history specimens. Anna was supervised by James Macklin at Harvard University Herbaria. Together with Linda Ford (also at Harvard), they recently published the results in Biodiversity Informatics.

ASIH Collection List Announced: The American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists announces the comopletion of a revised list of standard codes (abbreviations, acronyms) for ichthyological and herpatological collections. The new list incorporates recent changes and includes several new collections.

Scientific Collections International (SciColl) is the new international mechanism proposed by an activity under the OECD Global Science Forum on policy issues related to scientific collections. SciColl has released a report from the Conference in Brussels on 8-9 February, which will be of interest to many of you.

Museum Education: Suggestions for the education programs to be highlighted in CollectionsWeb inventory of innovative and successful educational programs are welcome. In the next few months we will go online with the first entries in our series on museum education. The highlighted programs will incorporate collections or collections research. Not only will programs at major museums be highlighted, but also programs at universities, local museums, nature centers and botanical gardens that use collections. If you have suggestions for programs to be highlighted, please send them to Grace Krause ( .

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